A better world is possible

Let’s build it from the inside out.

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You are a dreamer and a rebel.
You do things your way or you do not do them.
You are changing the world for the better.
With success.

And yet… You often feel lonely, overwhelmed, and stuck.
Translating your DREAMS INTO REAL IMPACT can be difficult.
You can lose connection with yourself, your mission, and your people.
You know you cannot do it alone.

I help you RECONNECT.

Sometimes as your advisor,
Sometimes as a mirror, a coach, or a therapist.
Other times as a facilitator, working with your team and partners.


Trusted Advisor

Tailor-made processes and spaces for nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs, who want to change the world.

"Stephan is gifted at getting people to work well together - remotely and in-person. I've learned so much about facilitation from his leadership."

Intensives and Workshops

Create the enabling conditions so you and your team can become more and more impactful.

I co-founded Radical Inclusion in 2009. We offer online facilitation, remote team development and support transition processes towards hybrid and fully remote work.