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Working with Stephan was transformational. I know my voice and am able to speak it. That gift of owning that in myself is priceless.



Working with Stephan was far beyond what I expected. I cannot speak highly enough about the value and clarity Stephan brought to my life.

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Stephan held so much space for me to grow. He helped me create a totally new person within me. My day has 48 hours now.


Alixe Mayers

Founder of Alixe Mayers Consulting

Before I started working with Stephan I was fairly successful with a good career in education, worked out regularly, ate well, and had good relationships with friends, family, and co-workers.  I did not seek out coaching because my life was bad, I just really wanted to take it to the next level.

My passion and dream were to work full time as an independent consultant and publish a book.  The thought of doing both of those things felt too big for me, I would have moments of beginning the work in both areas, but always put in on a back burner, as I was terrified to step into those roles.  On top of that, I struggled with the feeling that I was a fake; as though I was lying to myself over and over, I said this was what I wanted to do, but then my actions did not align with what I said.

I tried for years to get started. I had read many books, apps for procrastination and book writing, formed a professional relationship with another consultant as support, and nothing really got me off the ground. I would start and then be gripped with fear, and stop. I couldn't even put my finger on what the fear was.

I made the decision to commit to working with Stephan, full-on for three months,  and if at the end of three months, I was still in fear, I would let it go. I could finally let myself off the hook, and give up on both dreams.

Working with Stephan was transformational not only is my book almost completed, but I have also booked my first consulting job. While both of those are wonderful and exactly where I wanted to be, the real gift for me is the clarity of what was holding me back.  Once I got clear on that, the work was easy.  I feel free to do the work I have always felt I was called to do.  I know my voice and am able to speak it.  That gift of owning that in myself is priceless.


Matt Doyle,

CEO of Splitter.Co

I was struggling with direction across several facets of my life, both professionally and personally. I seemed to constantly find myself in the rabbit hole of self-improvement blog posts and books and just never seemed to actually put me on the path that felt right. I was super hesitant to pay so much money to hire an online coach, I just didn't know what it would actually empower me to do.


Working with Stephan was far beyond what I expected. I had initially thought this would really be focused on the remote work aspect of my life...but it turned out to be so much more holistic than that.


Since working with Stephan I have found a profound shift in my mindset across so many different areas. I finally have an internal definition of success, something that can be challenging as an entrepreneur with zero limits on what can be achieved. I cannot speak highly enough about the value and clarity Stephan brought to my life.

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Chris Brandwein,

NPO Founder and CEO

“I originally contacted Stephan, because I had started a multicultural, multinational NPO, and was overwhelmed by the different aspects of necessary leadership qualities that came with it. Stephan started out on the level of personal development, and - because I was open for it - it was á very deep process, which completely changed my level of self-perception / -reflection, my value system integration / goal-setting, and the way I interact with others, both on a personal level as well as on the business level. I take challenges and hurdles more easily now and am able to assert myself differently, without losing sight of the others' goals and challenges.


I'm so very grateful that I followed my instinct to contact him when I read his profile!! This is so much more than just habit coaching. It's been life changing.”

Ana Lucia Guerrero,
Marketing Professional

"Stephan and I go way back though we had never worked together. I have been following his coaching work for a while now and, when one day he posted something that resonated with me, I decided to do a coaching session with him. As everything was done online,


I wasn't very sure we were going to be able to "connect" but boy was I wrong! Stephan has an energy and an insight that transcends all physical boundaries. He listened to what I had to say and "read" what I wasn't even verbalizing. After a few minutes, he made me feel so empowered and at ease talking to him, that the energy just started flowing and I started feeling very positive and motivated.


Stephan made me feel that the project I had been postponing for such a long time is not unrealistic. He helped me put the pieces of the puzzle together brilliantly and now I am really looking forward to jumping into what I have been dreaming about for years. I can't recommend him enough!"

Marten Stenfors,

Founder and CEO, Phenium

"Stephan really helped me turn around a very crazy period of my life. I am running a startup called Phenium, and with a limited amount of funding my small team and I had to take on all roles that otherwise are taking care of by multiple employees. Stephan was phenomenal in giving great advice, small clues on how to structure my day, week, month. Even if I sometimes missed to check in, Stephan in a very gentle way reminded me how important structure, and life/work balance is."

Breno Barcellos,

Communications Professional and Photographer

"At a moment of transition, filled with hardship and confusion, Stephan assisted me in realizing what exactly my feelings were. He helped me look into my experiences in a more conscious way, and also made me see things I didn't quite get before.


Stephan helped me go through a hard transition very fluently. I was facing challenges at work and at home and he helped discern amongst different outcomes and possibilities. Ultimately, I made a more conscious decision and achieved my goals."

Prof. Alvaro Eiras, 
University Chair & Start-up Founder

"Stephan’s support was essential to organize my time and my work activities at UFMG. My team is more organized and I am delegating more activities. The result is fantastic because we produce more with less involvement from myself. Today, the quality of life has improved, I have more time for my entrepreneurial activities, and to enjoy life outside work."

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