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Transform yourself, Transform the world

Mapping your innerOS will help you understand who you are now and who you can be, so you can design the path how to get there.

Why do I need to understand myself Better?

We live in unpredictable. disruptive, and highly complex times and in those scenarios, there are no instructions, there is not one solution. The path is about feeling into the present - what are we facing? - and then taking one step at a time as the solutions emerge from the path.


Leading such a process requires us to be adaptive as well as steadfast, open as well as assertive, flexible as well as persistent. What is need in one moment might be the opposite of what was needed a moment ago.


The basis for such a leadership is our understanding of ourselves: How do we function - when faced with stress, when working with others? With which filters do we look at the world? What is the story we see? And how do we think we can influence this story?

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How DO you use the Canvas?

You can use the innerOS canvas in 2 ways:

  • Better understand how you operate in the world and how you can develop further towards the expression of yourself that you want to embody.

  • Help others understand how you work best: Entire teams can go through the exercise, and then jointly reflect on the consequences of their individual results for their work together. As a result, we can make agreements so we perform better as a team, and everyone is more fulfilled in the process.

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